Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Best Thing

This week...blows. But! This morning the best thing happened. I was riding the 7 to work, listening to Summer Love by Justin Timberlake. While that song is the hotness, it was not the Best Thing. A woman and her little boy were sitting behind and across from me. When they got off at the Third Street stop I noticed the boy trying to get back to the bus, but the driver didn't see him and the mom pulled him back away from the street. I glanced back to where they had been sitting and noticed a tiny man laying between the seats.

I scooped him up, yanked the yellow cord, and asked the driver to let me off. I ran back towards Third Street, and saw the mom through the crowd on the sidewalk. I ran up to them, pulling out my headphones, and held out the action figure to the little boy.

"Does he belong to you?!" His eyes lit up with recognition, and I saw that he was crying. The mom thanked me profusely and said that his best friend had given him the figure. I told her son that I had five brothers and knew how important those little guys could be. He looked at me as if I'd raised his little plastic Lazarus from the dead.

Not even a million cupcakes could have made me feel that great. There are few things more rewarding than rediscovering your humanity in Los Angeles.


johnny said...

i LOVE that story!

Meghan Jean said...

At first I thought you were going to say you pocketed that sweetass toy for yourself, and tough tit-mice for that little kid. How very L.A. that would have been.

I like your ending so much better!