Monday, July 9, 2007

Highlights from the Vizzay

My mom and my second eldest brother Samuel picked me up from the Norfolk airport at 12:45 am. We drove home in my mom's new VW rocking out to Don't Stop Me Now by Queen. Driving through my old neighborhood and to the house of my childhood felt like driving into a snowglobe, or one of my dreams. Everytime I dream about being "home" it is in that house. Upon our arrival, my mom made belgian waffles with homemade peach jam for me, Sam, and my oldest brother, John.

I'm sharing a bed with my mom, and was awakened by my four year old nephew that shares the room. His name is Ezekiel, and he happens to be the coolest kid ever. This was evident by his Spider-man pajamas and his desire to lay on my head until I got out of bed.

One of the best things about visiting home is my mother's cooking. In short, she is the best. For lunch she made potato-leek soup with fresh summer squash, followed by fresh peaches she had canned in their own juice. I believe that must have been what Lehi ate from the Tree of Life in his vision outlined in First Nephi. She, Ezekiel, and I drove out to Pungo to pick blackberries. (Watch out for future entries concerning the Witch of Pungo.) With these blackberries we concocted my late grandmother, Bessie's, favorite dessert. Fresh berries with warm shortcake, sprinkled with sugar, covered in fresh heavy cream. Holy smokes.

Kinesthetic, spatial, and muscular memory are funny things. Even though I have not lived in this house for five years, my hands still remembered that the upstairs light switches were wired backwards. Everytime I need to throw something away I walk to pantry door where we used to hang a trash bag-- even though the pantry has been missing its door for some time now.

Despite interloping felines, my allergies have been totally under control, Allah be praised.

I get to swim almost every day in the neighborhood pool I grew up breaking in to.

After church my ex boyfriend of yore rang my doorbell. Weird! My mom gave him one of the free loaves of bread we keep getting from some people at church. Some how they have access to truckloads of free bread. I'm going to go feed the ghetto.

I am taking dance class all week with the teacher of all teachers, Elbert Watson. It's wonderful.

Transformers was awesome, and I will probably have to see it twice, so as to experience it with the present four of my five brothers.

Everyone keeps telling me how skinny I look. Thank the good Lord for the South.

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Dave Axelgard said...

i didn't know you're from virginia. i was born and raised in northern va. i'm actually flying into norfolk next wednesday to spend a week w/ the fam at the outer banks. huzzah!