Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's not death that scares me...'s the time that lingers on in the meanwhile, when death is certain.

Whether or not you survive death is defined in that twilight moment. Surviving doesn't mean keeping a pulse so much as it means keeping your humanity in tact.

So that being said, HOLY McHOLY, Sunshine was an AMAZING film. It was the best sci fi story I've ever read, except I didn't read it. This movie takes its time, but still delivers story and visuals that are both beautiful and terrifying. Space hits the same spot for me that robots do, so this sci fi thriller kept me emotionally charged.

I hate people that scoff at sci fi and fantasy, justifying their bias with "but it's not real." Puting humanity in a new or unfamilar context can reveal more truth about us, both individually and as a whole, than any stupid hyped up suburban drama. Not that those aren't good, but a lot of sci fi and fantasy is like taking a really fascinating chunk out of your anthropology textbook and laying it out on a platter with brilliant concept design, hot visuals, and a side of really good acting.

I adore Cillian Murphy (28 days Later, Intermission), but I was also pleasantly surprised to see Chris Evans (Fantastic Four; Cellular, hahahaha) playing an interesting character. And he did it very well. I thought everyone did really well.

I need to see this movie again. Go see it! Never before have I been so terrified of sunlight. And the dark. You just can't win, we are delicate flowers.

Also, read these awesome sci fi stories/books:

Ender's Game; Speaker for the Death; Pastwatch; The Worthing Chronicle; Flux, by Orson Scott Card.
Inconstant Moon, by Larry Niven
I, Robot, by Isaac Asimov
A Fisherman of the Inland Sea, by Ursula K. LeGuin
Masterpieces: The Best Science Fiction of the 20th Century, edited by Orson Scott Card.

This is a very short list, but if you aren't familiar with sci fi lit, it is a good place to start.

Speaking of OSC, if you like short fiction, you should check out the link i have to IGMS, a.k.a. Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show. Super cheap, great original content.

After watching Sunshine, Mike Warner and I buzzed around Mulholland Drive on his BMW motorcycle. So awesome. Now I know why people are obsessed with their bikes. If I can't get my own bike, I would at least like to have my own flip-visor helmet. So astronautical! Then my street cred would completely max out for good.

Overall it might have been one of the best afternoons ever, despite my calling a woman a rich bitch (to her back, no less) for throwing her paper towel on the ground outside of the Arclight's bathroom because there wasn't a trash can RIGHT THERE. I picked it up and threw it away back in the bathroom. I just hate that kind of mess. Those people aren't paid to pick up after you and your self-centered, mini-skirted, fake-tanned ho-tail! But I suppose that doesn't excuse my seaworthy tongue. Sorry mom, I will one day stop calling people b-i-t-c-h's and d-bags... Outloud.

i like your band.

You may not know about Cougar Delicious. We do not, afterall, even have our MySpace page up yet. But just so you know, our music kinda sounds like this:

Amazing. Thanks to Aaron Alexis for being completely smokin', and thanks to Larissa Underwood for being a great photog.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Over and Out

Apologies to all my friends and family that fielded all the superfluous texting and redundant phone calls yesterday-- I am just so enthusiastic about finally having a cellphone. I have unlimited texting and always need love, so please, hit me up.

Today was also my last day in a professional capacity at the comic shop. I will try to keep somewhat in the know on what is hot, and add more reviews to the blog. I will also add updates about the comic project I am working on with Meghan Kinder. I'll be going to school full time and writing/dancing my butt off. But not completely off. Butts are too awesome. Never have I spoken wiser words.

In celebration, here is that short dance film, if you haven't caught it elsewhere.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Dear Darling Theodosia,

Things have been going alright here, how are you ? Thanks for letting me borrow the cream colored dress you made out of the lace curtains we stole from that mansion. It was a bit long, I had to wear very high shoes. But I'm afraid you were right-- it does smell a bit too much like widow and forgetting. I had to use a citrus shampoo to mask the scent. I hope that doesn't make you gag. I know how you feel about citrus.

Did you start a garden this spring? I couldn't be bothered with it as I was consumed with the post. Some wicked person keeps leaving antique babies in our mailbox, and I still haven't caught them. But today I've left out the perambulator, full of skeleton heads. Mouse and bird skeleton heads. That will stop them, I'm sure. In any case, please send me an aubergine. We are severely lacking elegant vegetables, thanks to the baby villainry.

I saw Little Aaron yesterday! He has grown so tall, and is finally allowed to sit at the dinner table. I must admit I will miss watching him stand, so perfectly straight in his little bowtie and spats. He looks very handsome, though, in the sweatervest you sent him for Bastille Day. Not at all bouregoise. I can't remember, is that a good thing, or a bad thing?

I'm going to have to cut this letter a little shorter than usual, my dearest Theo. Some people just arrived. They might want to know what I am doing in their house. Don't worry, they will be gone again for a full fortnight, and we can sit on their furniture for hours. I've saved all the best cabinets for you. What discoveries you shall make, friend. I tremble at the thought. Take care; I hope you dream about killing someone dreadful!


P.S. Of course I remembered it was your birthday, that is why I used the green pen.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cancel All Your Plans

So this morning I went to the doctor, and after a bizarre and highly improbable three month battle, my thrush infection is officially gone. That's right, I had a BABY DISEASE in my MOUTH. But it's all good now, so anyway. Yeah.

Bring on the gratuitous make outs.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Yesterday I went to Staples, and there was a ridiculous little pink convertible in the parking lot. I thought to myself, "Who drives that silly little pink car?"

When I walked in there was a woman standing in line at the register, wearing a pink tee shirt, pink skirt, pink sequined flip flops...and pink hair. Well, obviously.

I love this show.

Emily and I have already divied them up into our respective prospective lovers for life boxes. Don't act like you don't have boxes.

Friday, August 10, 2007

It was the Best of Times, It was the Worst of Times

I'm officially never getting my hair done again by someone I don't know. Even when they lure me in with "free!" It's not even worth free. After getting a royally screwed up color job at the salon next door to the 'Ho, I scheduled a second appointment (not for free) to get it fixed. It's still not the way I wanted it, but at least it's not shameful like it was before. Then they charged me more than they said they were going to, and when I asked them about that they were really defensive. So ridiculous. So yeah, don't go to Forme on SM Blvd. If for no other reason than to support my bitter annoyance.

But then I spent several hours hanging out with my boss's wife. She is awesome. She has three miniature chickens that she lets outside, and we released them. Then we went to the Salvation Army with her daughter, and she bought me these really cool brown boots that were made in Spain. I have He-Man calves inherited from my father, so boots don't work all that well for me, but these were just too cool and so cheap. We talked about art and our synchronized moods that are possibly being affected by the pole shifting going on. Then I showed her some of my mom's art, and she saw a little bit of my art and was so so complimentary, it made me feel awesome.

Almost as awesome as this song. Screw lame salons and and bad days. This song will make you feel great.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I <3 Trashy Novels

This morning I woke up wanting to read a book that I had ordered a couple months ago. As I searched my room I started to get the vague notion that I had probably left it in the bottom of of the original box it shipped in, obscured under the bubble wrap. Then I suddenly realized that I had filled that box with my random room trash and threw it out in the bottom of a much larger back of trash Saturday morning.

I spent the next twenty minutes frantically (and pointlessly) searching the apartment so as to accrue anti-jackass insurance. (This policy insures that you don't do something incredibly gross and stupid, and then realize it was unnecessary. "Ah, here it was, under my bed the whole time. Silly me, where's that tetnus shot?") I stood in the middle of the room and psyched myself up to go digging through our dumpster (which is almost taller than me). The only thing worse than digging through your trash is digging through OTHER PEOPLE'S trash. Okay, Okay, I can do this. I CAN DO THIS!

I ran down the stairs before I could lose my nerve and-- oh.

Today was trash day. The dumpster was at the end of the block. Empty.

I'm still not sure if I'm disappointed or relieved.

In other book news, is anyone a part of ? I just registered today. It is a social networking site centered around books. You post the books you have read, and review them, and then get your friends reviews. An accquaintance on a forum I frequent presented the notion that it could be even cooler if they had a function like .
I concur. Hooray literacy.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Forcing Nature

I have learned a few things this summer.

Thank you thousands of years of evolution, culturally inflicted gender identity, and transgenerational shared group consciousness; I am a Gatherer afterall. I picked a lot of berries with my mom when I was in Virginia, and was so at ease. I could have stayed weeks longer just to pick blueberries. I wish their was somewhere close by where I could wander out with my women friends and gather tiny produce while we verbally organized our feelings. Le Sigh. So lady-like, so accomplished.

I want to be Robin Hood. While visiting my mom, I helped her go pick up a bunch of free bread from a Bakery, at seven in the AM. Seven in the AM is a big deal for me. But so is poverty. My mom and I filled her VW with all kinds of whole wheat bread, bagels, buns, and muffins. Apparently this bakery does this once every two weeks, giving away all the bread they aren't allowed to sell because it is a day old. It is also, ironically, located off of Robin Hood Road in Norfolk. We had already sent out a notice at church that we would be picking it up, and that anyone could come by our house and get as much as they needed. We gave some to our neighbors, stopped the missionaries on their way home, and called my mom's friends that were financially struggling. We drove around passing it out to anyone we could think of. Best of all I called my best friend Eugene who lives in the Hood and he came over and took a whole palette to give out to all the single mothers on his street. This was really expensive bread that these ladies probably can't afford for their kids, and I made sure to pick out the kinds with the most whole grains and highest nutritional value. It was so great to see Eugene. He put his personal goals on hold while he pushed his little brother through the last two years of high school. His little brother graduated at the top of his class, and got 47,000 dollars in scholarships for college. Eugene is "a young black man that doesn't have any kids and has never been in prison; an endangered species, Liz." He is an endangered species-- a selfless human being, and a true friend. He also wears the best kicks. I told him if he gets his butt in college at VCU I just might have to go back there to finally finish my Anthropology degree. I felt so good all day, making sure everyone had something to eat. I would like to find an institution here in LA that does something similar. I would gladly drive around every weekend, green tights and all.

You get what you pay for. A new salon moved in next door to Hi De Ho a while ago, and they kept trying to get me to come in. I resisted until one day the owner offered to do my color for free. I had told her I wanted to go from my red to a platinum blonde. Well, that's not exactly what I got. My hair is a now a tacky, stripey mess. The parts they actually bleached turned a lovely platinum blonde, but the rest meandered between various shades of rootbeer brown and muddied red. It will cost me approximately one hundred dollars to fix. What bad karma did I have built up that had to be expressed so aggressively? What bothers me the most is that someone might think I actually WANTED this, and obviously am devoid of aesthetic awareness. At least I have my limbs. So far. So anyway, hopefully next Friday we will have a blonde Sara, for better or for worse.