Friday, August 17, 2007

Dear Darling Theodosia,

Things have been going alright here, how are you ? Thanks for letting me borrow the cream colored dress you made out of the lace curtains we stole from that mansion. It was a bit long, I had to wear very high shoes. But I'm afraid you were right-- it does smell a bit too much like widow and forgetting. I had to use a citrus shampoo to mask the scent. I hope that doesn't make you gag. I know how you feel about citrus.

Did you start a garden this spring? I couldn't be bothered with it as I was consumed with the post. Some wicked person keeps leaving antique babies in our mailbox, and I still haven't caught them. But today I've left out the perambulator, full of skeleton heads. Mouse and bird skeleton heads. That will stop them, I'm sure. In any case, please send me an aubergine. We are severely lacking elegant vegetables, thanks to the baby villainry.

I saw Little Aaron yesterday! He has grown so tall, and is finally allowed to sit at the dinner table. I must admit I will miss watching him stand, so perfectly straight in his little bowtie and spats. He looks very handsome, though, in the sweatervest you sent him for Bastille Day. Not at all bouregoise. I can't remember, is that a good thing, or a bad thing?

I'm going to have to cut this letter a little shorter than usual, my dearest Theo. Some people just arrived. They might want to know what I am doing in their house. Don't worry, they will be gone again for a full fortnight, and we can sit on their furniture for hours. I've saved all the best cabinets for you. What discoveries you shall make, friend. I tremble at the thought. Take care; I hope you dream about killing someone dreadful!


P.S. Of course I remembered it was your birthday, that is why I used the green pen.

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