Friday, August 3, 2007

Forcing Nature

I have learned a few things this summer.

Thank you thousands of years of evolution, culturally inflicted gender identity, and transgenerational shared group consciousness; I am a Gatherer afterall. I picked a lot of berries with my mom when I was in Virginia, and was so at ease. I could have stayed weeks longer just to pick blueberries. I wish their was somewhere close by where I could wander out with my women friends and gather tiny produce while we verbally organized our feelings. Le Sigh. So lady-like, so accomplished.

I want to be Robin Hood. While visiting my mom, I helped her go pick up a bunch of free bread from a Bakery, at seven in the AM. Seven in the AM is a big deal for me. But so is poverty. My mom and I filled her VW with all kinds of whole wheat bread, bagels, buns, and muffins. Apparently this bakery does this once every two weeks, giving away all the bread they aren't allowed to sell because it is a day old. It is also, ironically, located off of Robin Hood Road in Norfolk. We had already sent out a notice at church that we would be picking it up, and that anyone could come by our house and get as much as they needed. We gave some to our neighbors, stopped the missionaries on their way home, and called my mom's friends that were financially struggling. We drove around passing it out to anyone we could think of. Best of all I called my best friend Eugene who lives in the Hood and he came over and took a whole palette to give out to all the single mothers on his street. This was really expensive bread that these ladies probably can't afford for their kids, and I made sure to pick out the kinds with the most whole grains and highest nutritional value. It was so great to see Eugene. He put his personal goals on hold while he pushed his little brother through the last two years of high school. His little brother graduated at the top of his class, and got 47,000 dollars in scholarships for college. Eugene is "a young black man that doesn't have any kids and has never been in prison; an endangered species, Liz." He is an endangered species-- a selfless human being, and a true friend. He also wears the best kicks. I told him if he gets his butt in college at VCU I just might have to go back there to finally finish my Anthropology degree. I felt so good all day, making sure everyone had something to eat. I would like to find an institution here in LA that does something similar. I would gladly drive around every weekend, green tights and all.

You get what you pay for. A new salon moved in next door to Hi De Ho a while ago, and they kept trying to get me to come in. I resisted until one day the owner offered to do my color for free. I had told her I wanted to go from my red to a platinum blonde. Well, that's not exactly what I got. My hair is a now a tacky, stripey mess. The parts they actually bleached turned a lovely platinum blonde, but the rest meandered between various shades of rootbeer brown and muddied red. It will cost me approximately one hundred dollars to fix. What bad karma did I have built up that had to be expressed so aggressively? What bothers me the most is that someone might think I actually WANTED this, and obviously am devoid of aesthetic awareness. At least I have my limbs. So far. So anyway, hopefully next Friday we will have a blonde Sara, for better or for worse.

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Vina said...

hey sara, vina here. weren't you blonde when you were a kid? like dark-crystal-chick blonde? that's kind of cool!