Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I <3 Trashy Novels

This morning I woke up wanting to read a book that I had ordered a couple months ago. As I searched my room I started to get the vague notion that I had probably left it in the bottom of of the original box it shipped in, obscured under the bubble wrap. Then I suddenly realized that I had filled that box with my random room trash and threw it out in the bottom of a much larger back of trash Saturday morning.

I spent the next twenty minutes frantically (and pointlessly) searching the apartment so as to accrue anti-jackass insurance. (This policy insures that you don't do something incredibly gross and stupid, and then realize it was unnecessary. "Ah, here it was, under my bed the whole time. Silly me, where's that tetnus shot?") I stood in the middle of the room and psyched myself up to go digging through our dumpster (which is almost taller than me). The only thing worse than digging through your trash is digging through OTHER PEOPLE'S trash. Okay, Okay, I can do this. I CAN DO THIS!

I ran down the stairs before I could lose my nerve and-- oh.

Today was trash day. The dumpster was at the end of the block. Empty.

I'm still not sure if I'm disappointed or relieved.

In other book news, is anyone a part of http://www.Goodreads.com ? I just registered today. It is a social networking site centered around books. You post the books you have read, and review them, and then get your friends reviews. An accquaintance on a forum I frequent presented the notion that it could be even cooler if they had a function like http://www.LibraryThing.com .
I concur. Hooray literacy.

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