Friday, August 10, 2007

It was the Best of Times, It was the Worst of Times

I'm officially never getting my hair done again by someone I don't know. Even when they lure me in with "free!" It's not even worth free. After getting a royally screwed up color job at the salon next door to the 'Ho, I scheduled a second appointment (not for free) to get it fixed. It's still not the way I wanted it, but at least it's not shameful like it was before. Then they charged me more than they said they were going to, and when I asked them about that they were really defensive. So ridiculous. So yeah, don't go to Forme on SM Blvd. If for no other reason than to support my bitter annoyance.

But then I spent several hours hanging out with my boss's wife. She is awesome. She has three miniature chickens that she lets outside, and we released them. Then we went to the Salvation Army with her daughter, and she bought me these really cool brown boots that were made in Spain. I have He-Man calves inherited from my father, so boots don't work all that well for me, but these were just too cool and so cheap. We talked about art and our synchronized moods that are possibly being affected by the pole shifting going on. Then I showed her some of my mom's art, and she saw a little bit of my art and was so so complimentary, it made me feel awesome.

Almost as awesome as this song. Screw lame salons and and bad days. This song will make you feel great.

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