Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Over and Out

Apologies to all my friends and family that fielded all the superfluous texting and redundant phone calls yesterday-- I am just so enthusiastic about finally having a cellphone. I have unlimited texting and always need love, so please, hit me up.

Today was also my last day in a professional capacity at the comic shop. I will try to keep somewhat in the know on what is hot, and add more reviews to the blog. I will also add updates about the comic project I am working on with Meghan Kinder. I'll be going to school full time and writing/dancing my butt off. But not completely off. Butts are too awesome. Never have I spoken wiser words.

In celebration, here is that short dance film, if you haven't caught it elsewhere.


Meghan Jean said...

(wink wink!)

Meghan Jean said...

At first when I type that, I mispelled it "wonk wonk", which resulted in a hilarious mental sound effect.

... why are some things never funny outside of the moment in which they occur? Sometimes I just want to share the magic.

le sigh.