Monday, February 11, 2008


Ugh. I have to get up at six. I have been in my bed since 9pm. I was determined to get plenty of sleep so as to make my morning errands and 8 o clock class not seem like a punishment from the Old Testament.

But an 8 o clock class is always punishment for me, simply by being appointed. I cannot function in a structured existence, apparently. My eternal nature does not cope well with the constraints of measured time. Historically, I have never been able to sleep the night before the first day of school-- even when I don't care! My body must know something my mind doesn't, cause it just won't give up. It can sense impending time management issues and balks like a wild pony driven into a pen. If it weren't for stupid school and everyone on Earth's obsession with scheduling things it would be no big deal that I have insomnia. I would just do all the stuff my brain thinks it has to do RIGHT NOW in the medianoche.

I have four hours left to sleep, and counting. I have tried: pajamas vs. no pajamas, laying the opposite way on my bed, hot tea, Dandelion Wine (by Bradbury), Genesis chapters 10-12 (lots of begetting), some poking around on the New Family Search, adding a few lines to the comic script, concocting dream plots with my eyes closed, and begging God in Heaven to knock me out.

I am now Gchatting with Comptron about how lame this is. School is for fools, yo. School is for fools.

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