Thursday, March 13, 2008

Anyone know a time-traveling marine biologist?

Because I'm pretty sure he's my True. As in love. As in my dream man. As in he shows up in my dreams, years apart, and at different ages. And I never know his name! Does this make me officially a crazy person? Sharing it surely does.
Godspeed, you good looking black irish man with freckles, fair eyes, and an extensive knowledge of fish.

Maybe then I could finally ask you... Who wins, the dolphin or the unicorn?

(I found this image on deviant art. I don't know who to credit it to, other than a genius, obviously. edit: ~basehead.)

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CompTron said...

my magic unicorn oracle cards suggest that they make amends and then go frollick* in the waves together, happy forever after in a lisa frank fantasy.

*no idea how to spell this word. so i decided to spell it magick-irish-faerie style.