Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sara's Dictionary of Totally New Words

Language is often created out of necessity. Sometimes it is created for fun. I have decided to start compiling my own dictionary of terms that can be put to good use.

porgnash: both a noun and a verb. Porgnash is negative serendipity. Like when you get pulled over by the cops for a busted taillight, and in the process they stumble upon your drugs, gun, or dead hooker. You totally just got porgnashed.

grargle: verb. The word that describes the action of exclaiming words such as argh, ugh, ergh, and blargh. Emily and I realized that to say you "growled in frustration" was not specific enough for our liking, so now it is described as "grargling." It can also be said that you "grargled your blargh."

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