Thursday, March 13, 2008

Time to google myself again!

So said I over some Tacos Por Favor Emily and I picked up before respectively editing really bad sci fi and writing a screenplay (that would be really bad sci fi were it not for Emily's words of shimmering gold concealing the director's really goofy premise.)

My blog has finally made it to the first page of google. My now defunct column for IGMS used to be on the first page, but has since waned to the second. But now this blog is the fifth site listed. That's more than fine, that's super fine!

Take that, lobster lady and mountain bike racer girl. So who beats us all out for number one? A woman that runs a blog dedicated to scrapbooking.

Really? Really?

(Artwork by Dave Mckean from Coraline, by Neil Gaimen.)

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