Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Are you serious?

That is what I asked the evil lady who works at the Venice Family Clinic's Pharmacy when she told me it was okay that they no longer carried Advair, because they were going to give me Azmacort instead! Oh, really?! I just happen to be fatally allergic to Azmacort, which you might have known had to you read my medical records.

I am currently labouring under a semi-severe asthma attack and holding my breath while Valerie's sister FedExes me some of her extra Advair. (Talk about a serious blessing.) So yeah, I am missing rehearsals, classes, and possibly miderms and performances. I am always operating under the illusion that I am a strong and hardy wench. When in fact I am a delicate flower spun from corn silk and dragonfly wings! Take away my medication and I burn up in atmosphere.

At least I was able to make it to my digital art/design class to work on my Bowie portrait in Illustrat0r. Way more fun than a stapler. He's not done, but he's still more than fine; he's super fine.

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