Friday, April 18, 2008

Cool Picture Friday

So I was talking to my brother, Sam, on the phone last weekend our conversation went something like this:

Sam: You know the David?
Sara: Yes, of course.
Sam: Who did it?
Sara: Michaelangelo.
Sam: Correct. And it sucks.
Sara: WHAT?
Sam: Look at his hands. Too big. All kinds of problems. Bernini. Do a Google Image search on Bernini.

So I did. Whoah.

Here is a closeup on the above.

Excuse me. I'll be in the shower.


Smash said...

Bernini is my favorite sculptor, by far. His work is moving. The way he makes marble look like skin--like in the close up you posted--is unbelievable.

Oh, and Michaelangelo's David had distorted proportions on purpose. Michaelangelo increased proportions on what was important and manly at the time--hands, head, etc.

$ara said...

That's exactly what I would have said, too, if I were Michaelangelo.

Anonymous said...

Michaelangelo purposely increased the hands of David. He did this as a form of symbolism for a youth who has yet to grow into his potential.