Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I went out running*, and saw a beautiful one-armed man. One and a half, technically. But he was so beautiful. He was out running** too, shirtless. Beautiful in that typical but haphazard Southern Californian way, with a deep tan, unruly locks, and shimmery blue eyes.

I was mesmerized both by his attractiveness, but also by his lack of a lower left arm. He had an iPod strapped to his right arm. It always takes both my hands to secure an iPod. I guess I always take things like that for granted. But it all evens out. I'm sure he takes for granted that he's beautiful.

I also noticed that the still wrapped o.b. brand tampon that I saw a couple days ago in the grass off the side of Ocean Blvd had begun blooming. All those mornings of warm dewy freshness, I guess. I'm going to have to check up on it in a few days. Surely no one will pick it up. It is a most inappropriate and suspect sort of flower; blossoming, nonetheless.

*or rather, walking determinedly, with alternating spurts of jogging and occasional panicked sprinting.
** actually running.

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