Friday, December 19, 2008

Back and forth

I don't remember the month or year. But I do remember: It was my second time riding with Critical Mass. Emily and I lived on Butler. Wendy and I had not yet started documenting lunch breaks. My bike had not yet been wrecked. I did not yet know this bike was secretly destroying my knees. The rich young mexican had not yet fallen in love with me. The rich young mexican had not yet fallen out of love with me. The artist hadn't hidden my name underneath layers of paint. I didn't know his name. Valerie had not drawn Jaune. Lauren had not yet come over with three pints of Ben&Jerry's. Chris had not yet been hit by a van. I did not have a car. I did not have a cellphone. Eugene was already pushing his younger brother through school. He still hasn't come to see me in California, as he is still afraid of being swallowed up by an earthquake. Emily and I had already played innumerable games of Would You Rather and What Words Do You Smell Like. Aaron had not yet slept over. I was still being paid to price back issues of Spider-Man. I was already learning flamenco. Was I still cutting my own hair? I hadn't tried to disappear into the Pacific. I had already written its poem.


CompTron said...

22 August 2006. Commitment to helmet-wearing still in embryo stage. Hadn't yet realized that fierce loyalty was by no means a trump card. Love affair with cupcakes hadn't begun either.

$ara said...

2006? Really? Man. My estimations are kind of off.