Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Twitter has really sucked the life out of the blog. Sorry, true believers. I won't be so vain as to assume this is hurting anyone.

No, I take that back. Sorry for withholding what had been the best part of your day.

Some quick updates:

- Little brother is leaving this summer to Kobe, Japan for two years. Happiness/tears. Will be visiting VA at the top of July.
- Still working at dance studio. Poverty. Still working for IGMS. Drowning in slush.
- Am the writing half of an awesome comic collaboration with Meghan Kinder. Progress is slow but steady. I hope to have the whole script finished before the end of June.
- Lungs slowly recovering from months long lameness. Swimming, and slowly getting back into dancing form.
- Every other Wednesday has turned into Chosen Wednesday; a night of Buffy and potato tacos in K-Town.
- My neighbors in the next building over usually have loud sex around midnight. At least it sounds satisfying.
- Animated .gifs and fan art are my new late night crack, thanks to this chick .

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