Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009


I'm the assistant editor for Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show. As a result, I read a LOT of short science fiction and fantasy. Sometimes it is good, sometimes it just doesn't cut the mustard, and other times... well.

I know as a writer feedback is appreciated, but I never have the time to respond to such requests. I get dozens of stories a day. This is not my only job. It is, however, the most time consuming. That said:

I've decided to start a new regular feature on my twitter, Reasons Why I Might Reject your Story. Maybe it will help a few of the new writers out there from making some common mistakes. Granted, there are exceptions to ever rule. For every forty utterly cliché vampire or anthropomorphic stories out there, there has been one that was original, surprising, and thought provoking.

There is one reason I would like to devote more than 140 characters to. Plagiarism. You'd think this would be obvious. But some people out there really suck. I once received a cheeky little story about a reluctant prince. It was very funny. I liked it; I think it sent it on to the Managing Editor and Editor in Chief.

A YEAR later I was riding with part of my family on a car trip from Indiana back to Virginia. My Oldest brother (who has quite possibly read every science fiction and fantasy story there is) began reading aloud from a book called Blue Moon Rising by Simon R. Green. It was a cheeky little story about a reluctant prince. A few paragraphs in and I was already feeling déja vu. I stopped my brother and summarized what ended up being the entire first chapter.

Gross. People, write your own stories. And go easy on the anthropomorphism.


(Art by Dorian Cleavenger. I'm sorry. )

Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Night

My roommate is at some hipster hotel pool party in a black string bikini.

I'm at home writing new pages on the comic book script in a sports bra and sweats.

I should really give her a lesson in glamour. And everyone else. Pay me, World. I will tell you what is beautiful.

Just let me wash this chocolate mochi off my fingers first.

(Marilyn Minter is so bomb. KerPow.)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I have the day off tomorrow. I need dollars, but I think right now I need time more. Last week was a five day flamenco workshop, and so I got nothing done on the comic. Plus I've got magazine work up to my eyeballs. That didn't stop us from having a freaking fantastic Chosen Wednesday tonight. We watched the season 1 finale of Buffy. I baked a cake. There was a lot of red and black. And a fog machine.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Artists Don't Work For You.

Unless they do. And that involves money.
A good rant about paying artists for their work.

Related, a good rant by Neil Gaiman about how people, and authors, are not machines. (After the letter in bold.)

Also related, I would very much like Neil Gaiman to read me bedtime stories every night. I'll even pay.

Unrelated, my roommate is in the shower singing Poker Face.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dance Challenge!

I have been struggling with an array of injuries and health problems for a fair bit. They recently settled their differences and are now functioning under a unified front. This is no good for dancers dancin'.

Lying in bed, I realized that despite the inevitable weakening of my physical muscles, I could put more effort into keeping my imagination and choreography skills active and sharp. Beefy, even!

So. A weekly choreography/movement challenge. A prompt image and parameters. Feel free to participate, and even to share your results!

This week's prompt is:

Drowning: To be explored/performed within the confines of 10 sq. feet. Music optional.

(Art byValerie LaPointe, inspired by a poem by me me ME.)