Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Spontaneous Geek Moment

Angel season 4: kinda draggy, and not like blue mascara and rhinestones. It might be the whole Connor business. Connor = Dawn. Both are often irrational crybabies. (I can see my friend Aaron shaking his head, "Teens, yo. Gotta avoid those teens.")

So I was not feeling it all over the past several episodes, but then they bring back Faith. I wasn't in love with Faith when she first showed up in Buffy, but I didn't hate her, either. I totally love her in Angel. Especially in the season 4 episode, Salvage. First, when that ugly beeotch tried to shank her in the prison yard, but then I actually started bouncing on the couch when Wesley talked to her via window prison phone, and told her about the whole Angelus/Apocalypse deal.

"Stand back from the glass." BOOSH! Faith totally dives through the glass window, shards flying freaking everywhere, and bam biff kapows her way outta there. Yeay-ya! Don't be messing with crazy ass slayers who've been kicking it in prison, aiight?!

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Stephen Monteith said...

Five by five. *smiles* The Whedonverse is full of interesting dichotomies, such as Angel/Angelus and the two sides of Faith. I loved it when they went back through Angel's evolution in the wake of his curse. Not many "action" shows will spend so much focus on the characters themselves.